Email me: sarah at sarahjeong . net

Yes, I use encryption:

Fingerprint: 09E0 D1A7 5A67 57B9 B8D8 5485 7484 3790 352F 2B60

PGP Public Key available here

I am also on keybase.io.




Sarah Jeong is a journalist who was trained as a lawyer. She is a contributing editor at Vice Motherboard who writes about technology, policy, and law. She is the author of The Internet of Garbage, and has bylines at the Atlanticthe Verge, Forbes, the Guardian, SlateWIRED, Vice Magazine, and Bitch Magazine. She graduated from Harvard Law School in 2014. As a law student, she edited the Harvard Journal of Law & Gender, and worked at the Electronic Frontier Foundation and at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society. She is a Poynter Fellow in Journalism at Yale for 2016, and also currently a fellow at the Internet Law & Policy Foundry.

In 2015, she covered the Silk Road trial for Forbes.

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